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Kansas City Chiefs' Todd Haley: "I Thought Overall Tyler Did A Terrific, Terrific Job Handling The Offense"

Kansas City Chiefs Head Coach Todd Haley had some nice things to say about his quarterback, Tyle Palko, following the Chiefs 34-3 defeat Monday night against the Patriots. via video at

"But I thought overall Tyler did a terrific, terrific job with handling the offense, the tempo. We obviously, we were trying to alter the tempo and create some energy for our side and at times we were able to do a good job, but other times we weren't."

Palko did throw three interceptions on the night and Haley addressed those plays as well. via video at

"I thought, obviously, the interceptions...a couple were off tipped balls. We just cannot tip the ball to the other team. It generally hurts you. You know, the interception late, I wasn't crazy about that decision."

Haley refers to the interception in the end zone in which Palko throws into triple-coverage. But Palko is the Chiefs quarterback for the near future at least and Haley has confidence that Palko will get better. via video at

"But I thought, overall, Tyler did a lot of really good things. You know, interceptions are things that can happen, and sacks at inopportune times can happen. But I think it is something to build on and he will get better."

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