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Kyle Orton Rumors: Jay Glazer Hears Kansas City Chiefs Could Claim Former Broncos QB

If you believe the maxim that where’s there smoke there’s fire, then you might want to pay attention to the idea that the Kansas City Chiefs could make a claim for Denver Broncos quarterback Kyle Orton, who was placed on waivers yesterday. The Chiefs are rather high up the pecking order since they are 4-6 on the season, so if the Chiefs are interested, they stand a very good chance of getting him.

That said, Jay Glazer is the latest reporting that the Chiefs are indeed interested along with the Chicago Bears of all places. For those who remember, it was Orton they shipped to Denver to land Jay Cutler, who is now out for at last most of the regular season with a broken thumb.

If the Chiefs land Orton, it’s likely that Palko will still start on Sunday since the transition to a new scheme and team might be too difficult, even if there are similarities in the playbook. The Chiefs need an unexpected win this weekend against the Steelers to keep things close in the division.