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Kyle Orton Rumors: Adam Schefter Joins List Linking Kansas City Chiefs As Waiver Possibilities

The list is a long one with reporters from Fox Sports, Yahoo! and ESPN all agreeing that the Kansas City Chiefs are among the principal players for Kyle Orton, the recently released quarterback of the Denver Broncos who will know today at 3pm CT which team has claimed him. While a team will only have Orton for six games of the 2011 regular season, it’s those games that could put a team like the Chiefs over the top in the AFC West.

Consider that the Chiefs have the worst part of their schedule coming up — starting with Sunday’s game against the Steelers — the Chiefs could use a veteran hand at quarterback to help right the offense after managing only three points on Monday Night Football against the Patriots. Orton could also help against the divisional contests left against the Raiders and Broncos in the final two weeks of the season.

Schefter reports, “Teams to watch with waiver claims before Bears: Redskins, Dolphins, Chiefs. Any could decide to put in a waiver claim for Kyle Orton.”