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Kyle Orton Reportedly Wants To Play For Chicago Bears Only, Not Chiefs

What will Kyle Orton do if the Kansas City Chiefs end up submitting a waiver claim on him? How will he react if the Washington Redskins grab him? The proposed plan according to Pro Football Talk is that the former Denver Broncos quarterback helped orchestrate his release so he could take over for Jay Cutler after he was injured. Since then, he’s been trying to spread the word for other quarterback needy teams, like those aforementioned, to stay away from him.

“Mike Klis of the Denver Post reports that Orton’s agent pushed for the release after they saw Cutler needed surgery on his thumb.Orton reportedly has “let it be known” that the Bears are one of the teams he’d like to play for. We wouldn’t be surprised if Orton’s agent got an indication on Sunday from the Bears that the interest was mutual.”

Orton was replaced earlier this year by Tim Tebow and it’s clear that the ship for Orton has sailed in Denver. Interestingly enough, Orton would replace the very quarterback that the Bears wanted in the first place, trading Orton to the Broncos so that they could replace him with Cutler. If Orton ended up with the Bears and leading them to the playoffs, it would certainly make for a dynamic story.