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Chiefs Vs. Steelers: Kansas City Won Last Meeting With Overtime Win In 2009

The last time the Kansas City Chiefs faced the Pittsburgh Steelers was a memorable one for the Chiefs that season. In the midst of a long 2009 season, one sign of life was the overtime win for the Chiefs that included a 22-yard game-winning field goal for then-rookie Ryan Succop. The Chiefs overcame a 10 point deficit from the first half to tie the game and take things to overtime in the first place, and the Chiefs showed a resiliency in that game that foreshadowed a great 2010 season to come.

Now they hope for more of the same magic this week against the Steelers on Sunday night. The Chiefs were destroyed on Monday Night Football 34-3 against the New England Patriots and it’s clear that new starter Tyler Palko is going to need more reps in practice in order to fully command this offense. The Chiefs were forced to rely on trick plays to keep things close in the first half, and then there were little to no halftime adjustments made and the Patriots ran away with it.

The Chiefs are 4-6 and need a win to stay within two games of the division lead.