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Tim Tebow Looking Forward To Playing Kyle Orton In Last Game Of NFL Regular Season

Now that Kyle Orton is no longer a member of the Denver Broncos, it didn’t take long for the current Broncos starting quarterback to comment on his former teammate. And now that Orton will the possible (and probable) new starting quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs once he’s settled in, Tim Tebow had some intriguing words for his future competition.

“Good for him,” Tebow told the Associated Press. “Congratulations to him. That will be fun to play him the last game of the year,” Tebow said after learning that Orton had been claimed by Kansas City. “Obviously he knows (Denver’s offense) pretty well, so he could probably give away a few things, but I think we’ll be OK.”

That will be an interesting game. If Orton can help turn around the Chiefs fortunes, then the game against Denver will likely help decide positioning within the AFC West. Orton knows Denver well and will be able to help in multiple ways both that week and on game day. Tebow vs. Orton will be a very compelling storyline, making the Chiefs season that much more interesting. Now the only hope is that the game will be relevant for KC’s playoff hopes.