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Kyle Orton Claim Sets Up Possible 'Worst Case Scenario' For Denver Broncos

It's the very reason why most teams refuse to trade a star player, or even a moderately good one, to any team within their division. They don't want the ghost of the player to come back and haunt them in the end. Yet that's exactly what Mike Klis of the Denver Post says is possible with the Denver Broncos release of Kyle Orton -- because he was subsequently picked up by their rivals, the very ones that they play on the last week of the season.

"The game’s not over, though," writes Klis. "Not until the Chiefs play the Broncos in the season-finale, Jan. 1 at Sports Authority Field at Mile High. If the Broncos win that game, they clean house on their gamble. The worst case scenario for the Broncos: Orton leads the Chiefs to victory when a Broncos win would put them in the AFC playoffs for the first time since 2005."

The Chiefs need some good fortune between now and then to make it relevant for them as well, while the Broncos are on a roll as hot as anyone in the AFC right now. Certainly the storylines that last week of the season will be boiling over with Kyle Orton versus his former squad.