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Dallas Cowboys Were Surprise Team In On Kyle Orton Sweepstakes

The Kansas City Chiefs apparently weren't the only ones interested in Kyle Orton, as Pro Football Talk is reporting that the Dallas Cowboys and Chicago Bears were also hoping he would slip to them by putting in a claim for the former Denver Broncos starting quarterback. The Bears were expected, albeit an intriguing destination, because of Orton's previous time there and the subsequent trade of him to Denver in the first place for current injured starter Jay Cutler. The Dallas Cowboys? That one came out of nowhere.

The Cowboys obviously have their starter in Tony Romo, no matter how maddening he might be from week to week. The Cowboys have a solid back-up in Jon Kitna, but Kitna is injured an unavailable for at least the upcoming week 12 game tomorrow against the Dolphins. Stephen McGee is now the back-up and perhaps having a veteran hand on the sidelines would help ease the conscience of head coach Jason Garrett and team owner Jerry Jones.