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Kyle Orton Signing Shows Kansas City Chiefs' Vision Remaining On 2011 Season

The excuses are there if the Kansas City Chiefs wanted to use them. The team has been wrecked by injuries to its most important players. They’ve lost in some of the worst ways possible. Already in the AFC West basement, they’re a team that could easily back away and lick its wounds, hoping to heal in time to be competitive in 2012. Instead, the Chiefs made a move this week that signals the obvious — claiming Kyle Orton off of waivers from the Denver Broncos.

“I think it is obvious that KC picked up Orton to try to make something out of this season,” writes Martin Manley of the Kansas City Star. "If the team had stayed pat and say Palco [sic] were to stink up the joint, the criticism against Pioli would have been very sharp. And, the main reason why is because fans would have accused him of having no back-up plan if Cassel got injured. So, CYA is the #1 reason he’s here IMO.

“But, there is more to it than that,” he continues. “Even though it would take a miracle, KC still has a chance in this division. Why not go for it? Secondly, if Orton performs well, perhaps he can be either kept as a backup after this season or even a challenge to Cassel for the starter’s role. That would be a good position for KC to find itself in for a change.”

The Chiefs have taken their licks even from public perception this season. If the team has a chance to go for it, why do they sit on $30 million more than they could have spent on the salary cap? Certainly no one wants bad contracts just to spend them, but that much money is an incredible amount. Does that mean they’re not wanting to be competitive?

While you can question some moves, at the very least the Chiefs are showing signs of life down the wire and saying that they’re still interested in this season. If the team is still interested, then fans can still be interested. And as long as a team is selling hope, then Arrowhead will likely be full each and every time.