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Darren McFadden Injury Update: Raiders Star RB Expected To Miss Two More Games

The Raiders have Michael Bush, but clearly a dynamism on offense is missing without their star halfback.

The Oakland Raiders might lead the AFC West at this point, but it's clear that no one can feel safe about their position within the weakest division in football. Given the up and down nature of each team's season, it's hard for the Chargers, Chiefs, Broncos or Raiders to feel anything above "cautiously optimistic" at best, which makes news like the latest on Darren McFadden a bit nervewracking.

Jason LaCanfora is reporting that McFadden is expected to miss at least two more games. He quotes a source hoping the team is ready for the Green Bay Packers in week 14 after suffering an injury in their last game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Even then, there's no guarantee that McFadden will be ready even then. If the Raiders have to rely on Michael Bush down the stretch, he could wear down with as many carries a game as he's getting (60 carries over last two weeks). Together, they're a dynamic combo but apart things could get ugly near season's end. 

McFadden has 113 carries for 614 yards and 4 touchdowns so far in 2011.