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Jackie Battle Week 12 Fantasy Update

The Kansas City Chiefs host the Pittsburgh Steelers on primetime TV once again this week, and once again the predictions aren’t good for Chiefs fans. Nearly every single prediction favors the Steelers this week and the vaunted Steelers defense will also play a role in limiting Chiefs in fantasy football as well. All in all, this should be a poor week for both the real Chiefs results and fantasy players.

Jackie Battle is the Chiefs starter at running back now that Jamaal Charles has been lost for the year but after some promising games, Battle hasn’t exactly lit up the fantasy stats. Numberfire’s predictions for this week aren’t good either, as they have Battle gaining 6 carries for 22 yards and that’s it. Perhaps that’s a sign the Chiefs will fall behind early and thus will go to their passing game. Perhaps it means that they believe Thomas Jones and Dexter McCluster will eat some of his potential productivity. The bottom line is that Jackie Battle doesn’t warrant a starting spot.

Our prediction for Jackie Battle’s final line: 14 carries for 53 yards.