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Steve Breaston Week 12 Fantasy Update

Steve Breaston has been one of the stronger free agent signings of the NFL season and certainly the best offseason acquisition for the Kansas City Chiefs. That said, his fantasy numbers aren’t looking too hot for this week if you’re going by the Numberfire projections. That’s because the fantasy scouting service is offering only 2 catches for 30+ yards this week for the Chiefs receiver. Maybe that’s what a team gets when facing the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday night.

Breaston had 6 catches for 73 yards last week with Tyler Palko under center, so it’s clear that even a change in quarterbacks didn’t change his overall productivity. Breaston is becoming increasingly at ease in the overall Kansas City offense, so his numbers should be much higher than what Numberfire is giving him. On the season, Breaston has 39 catches for 556 yards and 2 touchdowns.

Our prediction for Steve Breaston against the Steelers: 5 catches for 61 yards and 1 touchdown.