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Kyle Orton And Ricky Stanzi Might Not Be Available For Chiefs Against Steelers

It’s bad enough when a team is thin at the quarterback position because they failed to acquire decent enough depth on the roster. It’s another level when there’s simply no option available. Nick Wright is reporting that the Kansas City Chiefs might be facing the latter scenario with injuries and issues with their own quarterbacks other than Tyler Palko.

Wright notes that Ricky Stanzi hurt his ankle earlier this week in practice and that Kyle Orton isn’t even going to suit up tonight. Given the injury to Matt Cassel, that leaves Tyler Palko as the lone quarterback option against a Steelers defense that will blitz early and often.

That said, it’s hard to imagine that Stanzi wouldn’t take the ball under center if the team needed him to and just work with a play set and formation that would allow him to minimize movement on the ankle. Unless he’s completely debilitated, there’s no way the Chiefs come into Arrowhead tonight with just one quarterback available.