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Troy Polamalu Injury Update: Steelers Safety Is 'Not Coming Back Tonight' According To Al Michaels

The sideline report on tonight’s Sunday Night Football game is that Troy Polamalu is still standing on the Pittsburgh Steelers sidelines with no action or official word on his injury. That said, Michelle Tafoya added that he’s going to be out for at least a while. Al Michaels responded by saying rather bluntly that there’s no way the talented Pro Bowl safety is going to return to tonight’s game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Obviously the Steelers don’t need Polamalu much on a night like tonight with three turnovers already by the Chiefs offense. That’s good since the team needs to take any head injury very seriously — even without Polamalu’s concussion history. They can ill afford a long-term injury and life after football ultimately needs to be thought about.

The Steelers secondary is not likely to be challenged much tonight given that Tyler Palko continues to be the quarterback for the Chiefs. Despite the presence of receivers like Dwayne Bowe, the deep ball is just not going to come into play tonight unless the team can begin to build a drive and stop the turnovers.