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Troy Polamalu Injury Update: Concussion Takes Steelers Safety Out For Game

Michelle Tafoya is confirming Al Michaels’ belief that Troy Polamalu is out for the game after suffering a head injury. The injury turned out, in fact, to be a concussion — a scary proposition for a player who has suffered a number of those in his career. The Pittsburgh Steelers will undoubtedly play it safely with their star defender going forward — far beyond tonight’s game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Steelers are currently up 13-6 and are driving again, so it’s clear the team is doing just fine defensively without Polamalu. The Chiefs had three first quarter turnovers and the Chiefs offense cannot get anything going — so much so that starting quarterback Tyler Palko is being booed for each new series that he goes out with the offense on.

For the year, Polamalu has 62 tackles and 1 sack to go with 7 passes defended. We will keep you posted on any further word on Polamalu’s condition.