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Kyle Orton Should Have No Problem Becoming Chiefs Starting Quarterback

Given the performance of Tyler Palko in last night's game against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday Night Football, it should be no surprise if at some point this week, Kyle Orton is announced by Todd Haley as the new starting quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs. After all, it's clear he's the only real option at this point with any credibility behind it.

Tyler Palko has been a two-game experiment that simply didn't work with five interceptions between two games that kept the Chiefs from taking the lead against the Patriots in the first half and put the Chiefs defense on the field for far too long in the Steelers game. Simply put, the Chiefs have to have a viable option to keep the chains moving since the Chiefs offense is, right now, the worst in football.

The Chiefs have not scored on 42 consecutive drives that have started from inside their own 20 yard line. That's a number that will lead to last place division finishes each and every time. Palko has not gotten the job done, and yet it's also clear the team isn't ready to throw Ricky Stanzi in there just yet since Palko keeps getting the reps no matter how bad things get.

That makes Orton the man in Kansas City. With a career ratio of 79 touchdowns to 55 interceptions, Orton is automatically the best quarterback on the roster. He'll bring a solid arm and veteran experience to the position that even the incumbent Matt Cassel looked less-than-stellar most of the time this season. If Orton can find a quick home with receivers like Dwayne Bowe and Steve Breaston and Jon Baldwin, it's possible the Chiefs might try to work something out.