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Mike Lombardi Says Chiefs Should Have Started Kyle Orton Despite Short Week Against Steelers

There’s no need to read between the lines when reading Mike Lombardi’s thoughts on the Sunday Night Football game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Kansas City Chiefs. He’s up front about his hatred of the Chiefs offense from last night and says there was simply no reason that the Chiefs should be starting Tyler Palko.

“I hated watching the Chiefs play on offense Sunday night, especially QB Tyler Palko. He is clearly overwhelmed by being the starter. The Chiefs played their hearts out against the Steelers, flying around the ball, and all they needed was a little help from Palko and they could have earned the upset.”

To further frustrate Lombardi, the NFL writer notes that the Chiefs had another option and decided not to use him in Kyle Orton. Even though the team had just acquired him, Lombardi still argues for his usage.

“I cannot understand why the Chiefs would claim Kyle Orton and not require him to report until Friday. After watching Palko play in New England, the Chiefs should have instantly made Orton the starter as soon as the claim went in. I realize Orton would not have known the offense, but anything would have been better than having Palko play another week.”