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Todd Haley Insists Tyler Palko Is Still Chiefs Starter Over Kyle Orton

The question came directly and Todd Haley fired right back. The assumption that Kyle Orton will waltz right into the Kansas City Chiefs starting quarterback role given enough time on the roster is a false one, at least if you take the Chiefs head coach at face value. He was adamant in his post-game comments after the 13-9 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers that Palko was still his man.

“No,” Haley said when asked if Orton would be prepped to be the starter next Sunday. “I think we have a much better chance this week to compete and, like I said, Tyler’s the starter. But if we feel there’s somebody that gives us a better chance to win, that’s the guideline we generally follow. I can’t really answer any of that other than we need to get back to work. We can’t let this disappointing loss drag us down.”

It’s hard to imagine that Haley would really let that happen, however. No matter how much Haley might personally like Palko, the reality is that he has six turnovers in his first two starts and cost the Chiefs the game with poor quarterback play. The offense has stalled in two straight games and they are paying Orton a couple million to do something. Expect Orton to start no matter what Haley says at this point.