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AFC West Standings: Broncos, Chargers Trade Fortunes In Division Race

Former lost cause Denver has found life with Tim Tebow, while the Chargers and Chiefs are both likely to miss the playoffs.

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The Denver Broncos are now one game out of first place Oakland after another comeback win against a division foe on the road, this time a 16-13 win over San Diego in overtime. The Chargers, once first place in the AFC West, are now tied for last place with Kansas City, who lost 13-9 to Pittsburgh on Sunday night. 

As a starter, Tim Tebow is 5-1, spurring on the once 1-4 Broncos back into the AFC playoff picture. With seven losses each, it's now highly unlikely defending division champion Kansas City or preseason pick San Diego will even make the playoffs, let alone take the division. 

All four AFC West teams will go on the road this week - Oakland will travel to Miami, Denver to Minnesota, San Diego to Jacksonville on Monday Night, and the Chiefs at Chicago.

AFC West Standings

Oakland 7 4 0 260 274
Denver 6 5 0 221 260
San Diego 4 7 0 249 275
Kansas City 4 7 0 153 265

(updated 11.28.2011 at 3:17 AM CST)