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Kansas City Chiefs Should Enjoy Passing Match-Ups If Dolphins Vontae Davis Cannot Play

The Miami Dolphins’ Vontae Davis might not be ready to go on Sunday against the Kansas City Chiefs. And for a team learning how to use Dwayne Bowe, Steve Breaston and first round rookie Jonathan Baldwin, that’s a good problem to see in the opponent’s secondary. While the Miami Dolphins can still generate a solid pass rush (especially with Cameron Wake), the Chiefs could and should take to the air on Sunday.

Davis is the Dolphins best defender in the secondary and it’s not even close. He’s athletic. He can close to the ball well. And he’s likely going to be out, which means that the rest of the secondary, which was already beat with Yeremiah Bell listed as probable, is going to be challenged all day. This is either a great opportunity for young, unknown players to step up into the spotlight or a possibility for the Chiefs to open things up.

The best bet is that the Chiefs feast on the Dolphins secondary and perhaps enjoy their best offensive performance of the year so far. That’s not difficult to do considering their defense has been the unit winning games this year, but it’s about time for Bowe-type of breakout and no one would mind some great stats for the others as well. Highlight the match-ups right and Todd Haley should walk away with an even bigger beard than before.