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Dolphins' Brandon Marshall 'Will Be Surprised' At Chiefs CB Brandon Flowers' Improvement

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In their highlights to watch for in the upcoming match-up between the Miami Dolphins and the Kansas City Chiefs, Pro Football Focus's Chris Benson notes that former Bronco Brandon Marshall and current Chiefs cornerback Brandon Flowers have a bit of a history. Going back to their AFC West days, Marshall was a beast for the Broncos and gave every team, including the Chiefs, fits down the field. Now that might not be the case.

"The Battle of the Brandons took a year off in 2010, but it’s back in full force in 2011 as the Dolphins play the Chiefs for the first time since Marshall was traded to Miami," writes Benson. "Marshall will be surprised just how much Flowers has improved since they last met. While it was Marshall who emerged as one of the best players at his position when they last met in 2009, Flowers (+6.9) has since earned a reputation as a shutdown corner while Marshall has struggled with drops and sometimes disappearing in games.

"How could you not look forward to seeing these two go at it again? Marshall and Flowers are two of the most physical players in the league at their respective positions and it’s a sure bet there will be a lot of contact inside of five yards in this one. The Chiefs don’t move cornerbacks, so Marshall will only see Flowers when he’s on the right side of the field, but never fear, the Battle of the Brandons isn’t a two-man ordeal. Brandon Carr (+2.2) will also get a crack at shutting down his former division rival."

Just imagine if Eric Berry were available in the same defensive backfield. It's clear that Kansas City's secondary is truly developing into an impact unit under Romeo Crennel and Brandon Marshall will see just how far they've come on Sunday.