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NFL Picks: Yahoo! Analysts Favor Kansas City Chiefs Over Miami Dolphins Across The Board

One thing that all Yahoo! NFL analysts are agreed upon is that the Kansas City Chiefs should win against the Miami Dolphins on Sunday. One look at the team' records involved should tell that much, but anything is possible on a Sunday afternoon in the NFL and the Chiefs aren't likely to overlook the Dolphins on Sunday at 12:00pm CT.

Mike Silver, Jason Cole and Les Carpenter all have the Chiefs winning this season and each also has the Oakland Raiders winning over the Denver Broncos. Only Mike Silver has the San Diego Chargers winning this week, but that's no surprise considering they face the best team in the NFL: the Green Bay Packers.

With a win, the Chiefs can move to 5-3 and a full game over the Chargers if they lose, as expected, to the Packers.