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Kansas City Chiefs Predicted As No. 4 Seed For AFC In Playoffs By ESPN

A new service being provided (pimped) by ESPN called numberFire is being used to predict the NFL season based on algorithms and random dart throwing. And apparently, the numbers behind the curtain believe that the Kansas City Chiefs have the best chance of winning the AFC West, and, consequently, a No. 4 seed for the AFC in this year's playoffs.

What's most interesting about it is not that they think the Chiefs will dominate the rest of the way. In fact, they have the Chiefs, Raiders and Chargers all finishing with an 8-8 record with the Chiefs coming out on top via tiebreakers. The percentage for the Chiefs playoff chances are currently listed as 39.5 percent. Nik Bonnadio writes, "One botched snap and now Kansas City is tied for the division lead. After a dismal start, the Chiefs have rattled off four straight wins, mostly thanks to their run defense. Only Baltimore has done a better job defending on the ground in the AFC."