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Miami Dolphins Defeat Kansas City Chiefs 31-3

There’s no good explanation for this — from the stat sheet to the overall records of the teams involved. Yet somehow the Miami Dolphins came into Arrowhead Stadium to defeat the Kansas City Chiefs 31-3 on a day that most expected the Chiefs to walk away with.

The Chiefs came into the game 4-0 in their last four games with a big win on Monday Night Football against the Chargers. The Dolphins, meanwhile, were on a roll in their Suck for Luck campaign and were winless on the season. Until today.

Perhaps it’s the classic trap game on a short week. Perhaps the Dolphins were overlooked since the Chiefs had just beaten the Raiders and Chargers in successive weeks. Yet nothing accounts for this final score. The Chiefs handily won time of possession, had zero turnovers, rushed for more yards, and were nearly equal in total yards and yet nearly lost by 30 at home to a last place team. Go figure.

For the Dolphins, Matt Moore (yes, that Matt Moore) was somehow the hero with three touchdowns on the day, one to Brandon Marshall and two to Anthony Fasano. For the Chiefs, Steve Breaston had 115 receiving yards and Dwayne Bowe added 88. But the Miami Dolphins pass rush had five sacks and it was a bad day overall for the Chiefs offensive line.