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Todd Haley Says Chiefs Knew How Dangerous Dolphins Were Despite 0-7 Record

No matter what you might think, the Kansas City Chiefs swear they weren't overlooking the Miami Dolphins. That means that it's inaccurate to refer to Sunday's 31-3 loss as the classic "trap game."

Head coach Todd Haley referred to such notions after the game as off base and came hard against such ideas that the Chiefs were underrating the Dolphins due to their winless record and the fact that they'd been leading the race that's now known as Suck For Luck.

"I really believe our guys understood that this was a dangerous team," said Haley after the game. "We went through every aspect of this team and where they were, why they were there. There’s a reason you lose games and they were doing a couple of those things that get you beat, just like we’ve gone through stages and had the same thing. But our guys understood fully that we had to play our best game and we didn’t do that. I don’t think our guys’ preparation or understanding of how we were trying to play and what we expected from them were an issue here today."

The only way to explain it is that the Dolphins beats the Chiefs soundly in every area. The Chiefs offensive line couldn't protect the quarterback and the Chiefs defense somehow couldn't stop Matt Moore or Reggie Bush. It wasn't about mindset. It was about execution.