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Chiefs Vs. Dolphins Reactions: 'No Contending Team Should Be Hammered Like That'

As various sportswriters make their opinions known about the Kansas City Chiefs’ loss to the Miami Dolphins, the obvious realization is that none of them are going to be good about Kansas City. After all the Dolphins were 0-7 and the Chiefs were tied atop the AFC West lead. They lost at home 31-3 and looked lifeless against arguably the worst team in the NFL. Go figure. Here are some of the responses:

Bill Williamson of ESPN:
What’s worrisome about Kansas City is that on Sunday it reverted back to the first two games of the season when it was beaten by a combined score of 89-10. No contending team should be hammered like that at home by a bottom feeder like Miami. Plus, the Chiefs’ schedule gets extremely difficult in Weeks 11-15. They have road games at New England, the Jets and Chicago and home games against Pittsburgh and Green Bay.

Matt Bowen of National Football Post:
I can’t explain why the Chiefs couldn’t execute after beating the Chargers on Monday night, but Tony Sparano and the Dolphins deserved this win. QB Matt Moore threw 3 TD passes vs. a Chiefs’ secondary that played with an aggressive style last week, Reggie Bush was productive (142 total yards) and WR Brandon Marshall posted over 100-yards to go along with a score. Plus, when you add in a defense that held K.C to three points, we have to ask why it took so long to see some positive results from the Dolphins.

Adam Teicher of the KC Star:
Even if the Chiefs beat the Broncos next week, it will be hard for them to get back what they lost against Miami. They have a difficult upcoming schedule that includes games against the Patriots, Steelers, Bears, Jets and Packers, so they needed to beat the weaklings in their way. They missed that chance Sunday.