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AFC West Standings: Division Becomes Any Team's To Win - Even The Broncos

Just seven days ago it seemed the San Diego Chargers had a comfortable route towards returning to the AFC West Division title, with a two game lead over the middling Chiefs and Raiders. Two losses in seven days - including one to the Chiefs - coupled with Denver's comeback win at Oakland and Kansas City's stunningly awful performance against the winless Dolphins - has leveled the entire division. Even "AFC West Champion < Tebow" is a possibility.

This week's intra-division games will set the course for the second half of the 2011 season, and could determine which team will be positioned to scrape their way out of this unpredictable division. The Chiefs will host Denver on Sunday, while Oakland will travel to San Diego for a game between two teams with a combined 1-5 record in their last six games.

AFC West Standings

San Diego 4 4 0 195 140
Kansas City 4 4 0 208 130
Oakland 4 4 0 196 162
Denver 3 5 0 119 170

(updated 11.7.2011 at 3:20 AM CST)