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Hey Kansas City Chiefs! Feel Free To Put Your Hands Up

The Kansas City Chiefs have been blown-out in three of their eight games this season by a combined score of 120-13.

It seems as if the Kansas City Chiefs are hell-bent on proving to everyone that they can take a punch square to the chin only to bounce back and then prove any and all naysayers wrong. This thought process might have worked for Rocky in his seventeen films (and counting), but it sure as hell makes being a fan right now down-right frustrating.

The Chiefs opened up their 2011 season with absolute throttling's at the hands of the Buffalo Bills and Detroit Lions. They lost these two games by a combined score of 89-10. At the time it seemed much worse than it actually was considering the success of both of these teams to this point in the season. Not to say it wasn't bad because of the score, but the Bills and Lions were not considered to be the tougher part of the Chiefs schedule at-first glance. But these two games screamed, "They're unprepared because of the lockout!" cries from Chiefs fans and calls for Todd Haley's job became as widespread as a "Yo Adrian" would to any fan of the Pro Boxing Hall Of Fame-earning cinematic adventure (movie) for Sly.

The original 1976 Rocky film began a historical movie series that would be known for, among other things, its' fight scenes that depict a kind-of knockout-type blow on every single punch. It's nothing close to resembling real boxing that you'd watch on pay-per-view television. But it's those kind of punches that I see the Kansas City Chiefs taking these three Sunday's that they have been blown out. For a younger crowd out there it would be like when Jackie Moon told Monix in Semi-Pro that he was unable to throw up. The Chiefs have been basically asking for a straight shot to the jejunum. It's as ridiculous to compare as it has been to watch this season.

The middle part of the season depicted actual boxing where the teams would trade a few minor jabs back and forth and eventually a break would fall their way, or not in the case of the first Chargers game. Very rarely do you see a Rocky-type punch in actual boxing or the equivalent in a NFL game, unless you've watched the Chiefs this season. Even if you did see a knockout blow (non-punch) in a NFL game this season it'd probably be a penalty and a fine.

Heaven forbid these guys playing a violent game get involved in violent actions on the field. I understand the safety aspect but most of the hits I've seen that were called penalties this season were bogus calls and it was a consensus opinion. This middle part of the season gave Chiefs' fans a slight hint of optimism as the team wheeled-off four straight victories to tie the Raiders and Chargers for the division lead.

Then it seemed as if the Chiefs dropped their hands again and took a number of clean shots to the chin against the Dolphins. So we'll again get to see if the Chiefs are able to pop back up, maybe kip-up style?, against the Broncos this week. So while the Chiefs have depicted a Rocky movie so far this season with their ability to challenge gravity and the number of face-deforming, exploding-water-in-mouth, bone-rattling shots they can take. Wouldn't it be better if someone just mentioned to them to put their hands up and play a little defense now and then?

I think so.