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NFL Power Rankings: Chiefs Hit No. 24 On Brian Billick's List

Kansas City's embarrassing 31-3 loss to the Miami Dolphins has cost the Chiefs five spots in Brian Billick's Fox Sports Power Rankings. The Chiefs fall to No. 24 in the latest rankings and behind the other three members of the AFC West.

The Chiefs thought they were sitting pretty with games against the Dolphins and Broncos before settling into a run of New England, Pittsburgh, Chicago, the Jets and then the Packers. Now they have to be worried about even beating the Broncos. They are just counting on a bad AFC West to stay alive for the playoffs.

If you can lose to Miami then you can lose to anyone and Sunday's matchup with Denver doesn't appear to be a gimme. Things get really tough after the Broncos and the Chiefs may have to rely on the mediocrity of the division to keep them in the playoff race.

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