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Tony Gonzalez Goes For Yet Another NFL Record On Sunday

Former Kansas City Chiefs tight end Tony Gonzalez is playing out his last few seasons with the Atlanta Falcons. And while Scott Pioli traded Gonzalez away knowing the best of his career was behind him, Gonzalez is still putting up strong numbers for Mike Smith and the Falcons. In fact, he's on his way to an NFL record 12 consecutive seasons with at least 60 receptions. He only needs one reception to do so.

In his 15th season, Gonzalez is the all-time leader among tight ends in receptions (1,128), receiving yards (13,093) and receiving touchdowns (95). In 2011, Gonzalez has 59 receptions, 630 receiving yards and seven receiving touchdowns. With at least one reception against the Texans on Sunday, Gonzalez will record his 13th consecutive season with 60+ receptions, adding to his NFL record 12 such season.

Derrick Mason and Jerry Rice are currently tied with Gonzalez for 11 consecutive seasons with 60 receptions or more.