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Chester McGlockton Remembered By Several Former Teammates, Coaches

The passing of former NFL defensive tackle Chester McGlockton is resonating with so many for so many reasons. He died early at age 42, was one of the best DTs in recent NFL memory and was still very active in coaching football with Stanford. Simply put, his death is both tragic and shocking, and he will be missed by many.

As a player for the Oakland Raiders, McGlockton made three All-Pro teams and four Pro Bowls. Steve Wisniewski was a teammate with the Raiders for years, and he had just spoke to McGlockton

"I spoke to Chester yesterday, as a matter of fact," Wisniewski said. "He had a great day with his girls and was looking forward to kind of a few slow weeks as Stanford prepares for a bowl (game), so he could have some more family time. ... I just can't express how tragic it is lose someone like that at 42."

Former Stanford head coach Jim Harbaugh also weighed in saying, "I want people to know Chester was a good guy doing the right thing and helping a lot of people To say he was coming into his own as a coach would be understating it. He'd already blossomed. He was so positive with other coaches and players."

In another statement, current Stanford head football coach Dvaid Shaw said "Everyone in the Stanford football family is deeply saddened by the passing of Chester McGlockton, For the past two seasons, Chester has been a valuable member of our football staff and a wonderful friend to us all. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Chester's wife Zina and their two children."