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Todd Haley Says Tyler Palko Making Significant Progress With Experience At Quarterback For Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs are stuck with Tyler Palko. That seems to be the reality facing head coach Todd Haley when it comes to Sunday’s game against the New York Jets. Palko was relieved of his duties last game against the Bears only to come back one play later after Kyle Orton dislocated a finger upon entering the game. The Chiefs went on to win due to a strong defensive effort. It became Palko’s third NFL start this year.

When asked whether or not Palko was making good progress with his experience, Haley said he was. He went on to elaborate:

It’s not just coach speak when you talk about the quarterback position. One of the best ways to gain that experience is playing, especially a player that’s been around a little bit like him and I think that each and every week he’s gained some valuable experience and how to handle situations and like we’ve said, you’re making a lot of decisions in a short amount of time and they’ve got to all be good ones for the most part and I think he’s kind of getting the feel here now with another full week of practice and with those three games under his belt of some of the things he has to do and some of the things he can’t do.