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Chiefs Vs. Jets: Todd Haley Compares Brandon Flowers To Darrelle Revis

During a press conference this week, Todd Haley was asked about the New York Jets' best defender, Darrelle Revis. It's clear the Kansas City Chiefs head coach has a lot of respect for him and Tyler Palko specifically is going to have to watch out for Revis' ability to bait the quarterback into throwing his way. Revis is among the best at his position, after all, so he's going to be tough to play against. But Haley also sees his own player comparable to Revis in Brandon Flowers.

He said, "I compare a lot he and [Brandon] Flowers do at times just because it’s kind of like when we talked about [Matt] Forte. When you get really special guys with great instincts and feel and ability to figure out what’s going on before it’s really happening, sometimes that appears really smooth and it’s hard to detect. But as these young receivers that line up against Flowers find out, he kind of knows where you’re going before you do and he’s able to deviate your path, which then creates problems.

"Revis is a lot like that. You don’t jump out and you go, ‘Wow,’ other than when the ball is in his hands because the rest of the time he’s just got a great feel. I think he appears to be a great student of the game and is very well-schooled on what he’s going to see from the opponent. It’s one of those where you don’t notice a whole bunch because generally when you check him out he’s covering who he’s supposed to be covering. He’s also one of those guys that when they’re not throwing it his way, all of a sudden his guy looks open, but they never throw it. I think that’s more by his design. He’s trying to lure throws into his area."