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Kansas City Chiefs' Conversative Game Plan 'Plays Right Into Hands Of Jets' Defense'

The New York Daily news is predicting an ugly game with an outcome that they say is necessary for the Jets with a 20-13 win over the Kansas City Chiefs who visit today at 12pm CT. That said, they believe the Jets’ ability to overwhelm the Chiefs will come through the right side of the line — opposite Barry Richardson who is undoubtedly the weakest link on the offense at this point.

Their scout writes, “The Chiefs have a formidable pass rush and (defensive coordinator) Romeo Crennel likes to pick on weak spots. He’s moved Tamba Hali around some this year and will try to get him over on Wayne Hunter . Hunter has had his problems against speed rushers. Palko at least stopped throwing interceptions last week but his weak arm limits the Kansas City offense. The Chiefs have no choice but to put together a conservative game plan and that plays right into the hands of the Jets defense, which doesn’t have to respect the downfield throw. Look for the Jets to attack right tackle Barry Richardson , especially with Aaron Maybin coming on. Everyone else has this year."