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Justin Houston Provides Strong Presence Opposite Tamba Hali For Chiefs

The New York Jets are probably well aware that both sides of their offensive line will be tested today against the Kansas City Chiefs. That's something that could not have been said much earlier in the year, when only Tamba Hali represented the Chiefs' pass rush options and Justin Houston had yet to understand what it took to succeed at the pro level. Now he's definitely clued in.

"At a time when some rookies are wilting, Justin Houston is emerging," writes Dan Pompei. "The Chiefs linebacker has made steady progress all season and the coaching of Gary Gibbs and Romeo Crennel is starting to pay off. Houston had three sacks—his first three of the season—last week, but he has been getting close to the quarterback in recent weeks, so Kansas City coaches were not surprised by the third round pick’s breakout game in Chicago."

The Chiefs put up 7 sacks total last week on the Bears ridiculously porous front line, so they shouldn't expect similar numbers today against the Jets, but even if Houston can help hurry Mark Sanchez in the pocket or flush him out for linebackers like Derrick Johnson, they might stand a good chance today on the road.