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'Josh McDaniels Replacing Todd Haley' Talk Is Back For Kansas City Chiefs

Earlier this year, while in the midst of a historic three game losing streak to open the season in the most abysmal way possible, Todd Haley was placed upon the media hot seat as the head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs. Part of the ruckus brought out the rumor that Scott Pioli, the team's GM, could possibly bring in Josh McDaniels as his replacement. McDaniels, who is now in St. Louis as the offensive coordinator, would link Pioli with an old New England buddy. Now that rumor is back.

Pompei writes, "If, as expected, Todd Haley does not survive in Kansas City, Josh McDaniels could end up with the Chiefs three years after many thought he would land there. Chiefs general manager Scott Pioli could hire his old buddy from their New England days to be his head coach—if he could sell McDaniels to Clark Hunt. Or, Pioli could hire a defensive minded head coach and make McDaniels the coordinator, assuming McDaniels is fired in St. Louis. Aside from the Pioli connection, another reason McDaniels makes sense on the other end of Missouri is he has a strong relationship with Matt Cassel. In fact, the quarterback and his former offensive coordinator still talk frequently."

You can tell what we think of that here, but unfortunately these things don't go away so easily when they're so sensational. This should get interesting if the Chiefs cannot win today or in the next few weeks.