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Greg Jennings Injury Update: Packers WR Has Knee Sprain

Adam Schefter is reporting that the high octane offense of the Green Bay Packers might take a hit in the near future given the news on Greg Jennings injury from today's game against the Oakland Raiders. The Pro Bowl wide receiver has a knee sprain and the team will know more as the week goes on.

Certainly the Packers have a bevy of receiving talent on the team -- from tight end Jermichael Finley to other wide receivers like Jordy Nelson, James Jones, Donald Driver and Randall Cobb. They run deeper than any other team in the league, in fact. But Jennings is the key guy who gets open easily and creates space for everyone else to succeed, and he won't be so easy to replace if the Packers must do so. Not that the Packers will suddenly be vulnerable to a loss -- after all, they play the Kansas City Chiefs next week, but they'll need Jennings for the playoffs for sure.

For the year, Jennings has 65 catches for 929 yards and 9 touchdowns.