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Todd Haley Explains Refusal To Substitute Ricky Stanzi Over Tyler Palko

The Kansas City Chiefs are in a tough spot at this point in the NFL season which means that Todd Haley is in a tough spot. There have been some signs of life in a miserable season where the Chiefs are 5-8, but it’s also clear that some major changes have to be made. One that fans were chanting for on Sunday during a 37-10 loss to the New York Jets was a call for another quarterback — rookie Ricky Stanzi. But it was a move Todd Haley was unwilling to make.

“We just felt that the way the game was, we didn’t think that would be a good position to put Ricky in,” head coach Todd Haley said after the game.

When explaining he noted the conditions playing against the Jets in the crowd at MetLife.

“The guy that gives us the best chance to win will play, because we’re playing to win,” Haley said. “In a game like today where the score gets to where it was, I just don’t think that’s the best position to give someone their first action in the NFL on the road.”

Certainly that’s his job as head coach to make those difficult choices and fans will not be so forgiving if they see Tyler Palko under center for yet another week. Kyle Orton’s health becomes important if Haley just simply refuses to play Stanzi, but the Chiefs should be wrestling with quarterback questions all week long.

“That’s a hard question to answer after how today went,” Haley said. “But it’s a team loss and you just can’t put it all on one person. You just can’t, but generally that occurs and it goes towards the quarterback.

“We have to evaluate this tape and see what exactly we though. Once you see the tape, sometimes it will change the way you feel.”