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Todd Haley Leaves Door Open For Tyler Palko To Start Against Green Bay Packers

The crowds were chanting at MetLife Stadium for someone, anyone, to replace Tyler Palko as the Kansas City Chiefs starting quarterback. Already entrenched in the middle of a 37-10 loss to the New York Jets, the Chiefs were heading not only to their eighth loss of the season, but they were also out of any real playoff hopes as well. Simply put, there didn't seem to be any reason to not turn to another quarterback on the roster -- especially the rookie they were chanting for in Ricky Stanzi.

Yet Haley refused and after the game noted the conditions weren't right for Stanzi to see his first NFL action. Yet even with a full week to prepare coming up against the Green Bay Packers, Haley still refused to say whether or not it would be Palko under center or Stanzi or even Kyle Orton if healthy.

"That’s a hard question to answer after how today went," Haley said after the loss to the Jets. "But it’s a team loss and you just can’t put it all on one person. You just can’t, but generally that occurs and it goes towards the quarterback. We have to evaluate this tape and see what exactly we though. Once you see the tape, sometimes it will change the way you feel."

For some, that answer won't be good enough, especially coming from a coach that's on the hot seat. It's a frustrating situation because the Chiefs simply don't have the option at quarterback that they need to be competitive at this point -- unless Kyle Orton is healthy. At this point, however, it's likely too late to do anything about it anyway.