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Tim Tebow Still Refused Respect By Bears Brian Urlacher Even After Loss

For a team fading as fast as the Chicago Bears -- I mean, they did just lose to two AFC West teams not named the San Diego Chargers -- their players are still rather prideful. And by prideful, I mean "willing to sound stupid." Brian Urlacher told the Chicago Tribune after yesterday's overtime loss to the Denver Broncos, who sit in first place in the AFC West, that Tim Tebow is "a good running back, man. He runs the ball well."

It's understandable to be frustrated in the locker room after the game, but it's another to hold onto a notion that a guy cannot be called a quality NFL quarterback because he doesn't fit the proper mold of what the NFL has historically known in terms of a pocket passer. Tebow will never be Joe Montana or even John Elway, but the reality is that the Broncos have vaulted to the top of the standings with Tebow under center -- whether the technique is different or the stats don't read like Tom Brady's.

At the very least, the Bears are suffering from the delusion that they're a good football team. They just lost to a team with Tyler Palko as the quarterback and then again to another team who they clearly didn't respect. Perhaps if they would have taken Tebow and the Broncos more seriously through the week leading up to the game, the results might have been different.