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Peter King Says Kansas City Chiefs Endured 'Totally Embarrassing Day' Against Jets

They had zero third down conversions at one point in the fourth quarter. They had less than 10 yards of total offense in the first half. There’s no shortage, in other words, of numbers to prove that the Kansas City Chiefs had a miserable day against the New York Jets yesterday in a 37-10 loss that wasn’t even that close. Peter King of Sports Illustrated uses the word “embarrassing” to describe what happened.

When mentioning his list of things he didn’t like about Sunday, King writes, “The 3.5-yard onside kick by Kansas City’s Ryan Succop. That’d be funny if the Chiefs weren’t so awful Sunday. Totally embarrassing day for the Chiefs, all the way down to the safety at the end of the game.”

That’s one way to say what Chiefs fans saw and felt on Sunday — a horrible game plan with even worse execution. There’s simply no excuse for turning in that sort of performance and yet this is the same song and dance we’ve said several times in a miserable 2011 season for the Chiefs.