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Todd Haley Fired: Jeff Fisher, Josh McDaniels Lead Kansas City Chiefs Coaching Candidates

The reports coming in from Adam Schefter and Evan Silva are that Josh McDaniels, the Denver Broncos former head coach, and Jeff Fisher, the former head coach of the Tennessee Titans are the early names to replace Todd Haley in Kansas City. There couldn’t be a bigger disparity between the two.

The Josh McDaniels era in Denver was a complete joke from the beginning. While he will always have the bright spot of being the guy who took a chance on Tim Tebow, assuming Tebow will continue to fare well, then McDaniels has that lone highlight. Other than that, McDaniels’ legacy in Denver was short-lived and filled with drama. He became the offensive coordinator for a St. Louis Rams team that suddenly looks like they need a new quarterback despite spending a No. 1 pick on Sam Bradford. In short, this would be a scary hire.

Jeff Fisher, on the other hand, was 142-120 in 17 seasons as a head coach for the Titans and while he never won a Super Bowl, he was able to maintain a long-term record of success for a franchise that ultimately decided to move on. He was ultimately fired last season after a 6-10 record, but Fisher still has a solid reputation as an NFL head coach.

Many more names are likely to be thrown out, but these first two couldn’t be any different if they wanted.