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Todd Haley Fired: Failure To Get Along With Scott Pioli 'Did Him In'

The Kansas City Chiefs front office has been living in tension — that much has been well-publicized. Thus, for some, the firing today of the Chiefs head coach Todd Haley is not surprising given the lack of results on the football field. Combined with the tension between Haley and Scott Pioli, the team’s general manager, Pro Football Weekly says it finally did Haley in.

“Injuries a major issue this season, but not seeing eye-to-eye w/ Pioli did him in,” reported PFW on Twitter. And that’s likely the best summation of the entire issue. Pioli is the one with the reins. Pioli is the captain of this ship. Pioli is the one with the owner’s ear. Thus, as Scot Pioli goes, so will the Kansas City Chiefs.

Todd Haley went 19-26 in his coaching career with the Chiefs and now Pioli will likely move on to someone else within his familiar tree. It will, certainly, be someone he can see eye to eye with.