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Could Kirk Ferentz Replace Todd Haley As Head Coach Of Kansas City Chiefs?

The rumor mill will churn, so undoubtedly we will be paying close attention. Some names to already come through the Twitter wire speaking possibilities of Todd Haley’s replacement as Kansas City Chiefs head coach include Jeff Fisher, the longtime Titans head coach, or Josh McDaniels, the former Denver Broncos head coach and New England Patriots coordinator. But what about another name: Kirk Ferentz?

Ferentz is a name that the NFL’s Albert Breer believes will be a candidate to watch for and rightfully so. Scott Pioli is close with Ferentz and Ferentz has been offered pro jobs before. Perhaps if the right one came along, the Iowa Hawkeyes coach would finally make the leap.

Ferentz’s name has been discussed before, earlier in the year when the Chiefs were losing at historical levels, so perhaps this isn’t that new.

Ferentz is 96-65 in his 13 year tenure at Iowa. He’s a staple now of Iowa football with a great salary of over $3.5 million and a comfortable position. That’s a lot for a coach to give up, and it would likely take a great friend and great opportunity to do it.