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Steve Spagnuolo Would Make Interesting Replacement For Todd Haley With Kansas City Chiefs

In the modern media cycle, it only takes five minutes for one guy to be announced as fired before everyone starts wondering who replaces him. Todd Haley was fired today as the head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs and now it’s clear that everyone is interested in his replacement. Every other column continues to mention the same names again and again — Jeff Fisher, Josh McDaniels, Romeo Crennel, Kirk Ferentz — but one name might soon be available if some rumors turn reality: Steve Spagnuolo.

Currently Spagnuolo is the head coach of the St. Louis Rams and if the team knows what’s good for them, they’ll hold onto their head coach even in the middle of a disastrous season — far worse than the Chiefs. But NFL coaching fires spread like a yawn throughout a room and it’s clear he’s already on the hot seat. Given that Jack Del Rio, Haley and Tony Sparano have already taken the fall, Spags might be next.

If so, the Chiefs should immediately request an interview, because Spagnuoli is definitely a quality coach who has not had the talent to work with in St. Louis. While he was given a top shelf quarterback pick in the draft, the offensive line and skill positions have been left void for two seasons. Injuries have also taken their toll on the team and left them lifeless in several games.

Still Spags is known for being a dynamic defensive coach and he has championship experience under his belt as well with the New York Giants. If he is fired in St. Louis, someone will strike quickly to remedy that situation. Out of any recent head coach currently on the market, Spags is easily the main attraction.