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Romeo Crennel Might Provide Best Complement To Scott Pioli For Long-Term Success

There's no end to the speculation of who will be the next head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs. Some go for the younger, sexier choices like a college coach or young coordinator. Others know that the storied veteran coaches might work well as a counterpart to the passionate Todd Haley. Count Seth Wickersham of ESPN among the latter. He believes the one candidate the Chiefs already have in house might work best of all. That's good news for Romeo Crennel.

Wickersham writes, "Crennel is 64. He's spent a life in football. He arguably knows more about football than Pioli, no offense to Scott. The GM-coach marriages that work best -- think Atlanta, or the Jets, or the Ravens, or the Steelers -- are the ones in which each partner complements the other one.

"Crennel knows how to win. He and Pioli were part of a staff that won three rings together, and neither of them has won one since. Yeah, he's not a sexy hire, but sexy hires are overrated. Sometimes, you just need someone reliable and knowledgeable and lacking an ego, relatively speaking.

"Crennel knows enough about coaching and enough about football to know that it's not about him. Not all coaches do. Some coaches preach team, but behind closed doors, it's about them more than anything. Crennel wants to win by any means, and by virtue of that, he can help Pioli, who might not have a chance to make a third head-coaching hire if the second isn't successful."

Nothing will be determined for some time, but it's clear that Crennel holds the edge by virtue of being the interim. If the Chiefs can impress on Sunday against the Green Bay Packers, even in a losing effort, and show some consistency at season's end against the Broncos and Raiders, Crennel might work his way into another head coaching gig.