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Tom Cable, Bill O'Brien Enter Kansas City Chiefs Coaching Conversation

It takes no effort at all to find sportswriters and NFL analysts mentioning the same old names again and again for the Kansas City Chiefs coaching vacancy -- names like Josh McDaniels, current offensive coordinator for the worst offense in the NFL with the St. Louis Rams, or Jeff Fisher, former head coach of the Titans. But Bill Williamson of ESPN has a couple of new ideas that might add some serious possibilities.

Bill O'Brien is the current Patriots offensive coordinator and even though Scott Pioli has been gone for the last three seasons, he's still familiar enough with O'Brien to perhaps be interested enough to pull the trigger. As wide receivers coach and quarterbacks coach while Pioli was there, he could also rely on Bill Belichick's endorsement of his young coach. However Williamson writes, "He may not be ready. Pioli needs to hit a home run with this hire. Hiring O’Brien may be risky."

Tom Cable is the other new name that Williamson throws in and while he was considered an interim coach for the Raiders at one point, he earned a permanent title after the team's strong showing under his leadership. He's definitely a no-nonsense guy who lives in the trenches and has the perfect mentality to toe a company line like the one in Kansas City. Here, Williamson says it might not work because Cable "doesn’t have much cachet, and his inexperience may not sell in Kansas City. He’s a long shot."

Either way, both men bring new additions to a growing list of candidates and they definitely make things more interesting.