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Todd Bowles Becomes Another Name To Place In Chiefs Coaching Candidate List

Bill Williamson of ESPN has thrown in another late name to consider in the midst of the Chiefs coaching search as they try to replace Todd Haley with a successful head coach who can take the team to the level of "consistency" and "progress" that Scott Pioli and Clark Hunt kept referencing in yesterday's press conference where they took questions from the media. Todd Bowles is the new name and Williamson says he has the right pedigree. It also doesn't hurt that he married well.

"Another name to consider to replace Haley is new Miami interim coach Todd Bowles. He has Bill Parcells ties and that is important to Pioli. He is the son-in-law of Parcells. Haley was also a Parcells protégé," writes Williamson. In a way the hire feels a bit too close to what the Chiefs already had, including the name Todd. If that sounds funny, you tell me if you want another guy named Todd who comes straight from Bill Parcells. Plus Miami is not a good team to want to pluck a coach from at this point.

Maybe those reasons are trite and maybe Bowles is the next great thing. But I'd be tempted to place my level of excitement over this around Josh McDaniels' level.