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What Does New Head Coach For Kansas City Chiefs Mean For Matt Cassel?

A lot has been made and will continue to be made about who is going to be the next coach for the Kansas City Chiefs. While all the focus has been on Todd Haley and his tenure in Kansas City, the focus will eventually shift to what this new coach will mean for Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel. Cassel was put on injured reserve earlier in the season and his backup, Tyler Palko, has struggled since taking over for Cassel.

Interim head coach Romeo Crennel hasn't yet named a starter for the Chiefs upcoming game against the Green Bay Packers. Many Chiefs fans would love to see rookie fifth-round pick Ricky Stanzi get a shot to start the last three games of the season over Tyler Palko. When you look around the league and see the Houston Texans' winning football games late in the season with seventh-round pick T.J. Yates filling in for injuries, it makes you wonder what the Chiefs are waiting for in regards to getting Stanzi in the game. 

Crennel also came out Tuesday morning and said that he would like another crack at being head coach somewhere. So you'd have to think that if Ricky Stanzi gets a shot to play and he plays well for Crennel, could that mean anything for Matt Cassel heading into next season? It's not like Cassel was tearing it up this season and his struggles, combined with however Stanzi plays down the stretch (if at all) and the Chiefs draft position come April. And you have the recipe for a quarterback problem heading into the offseason for the Kansas City Chiefs.