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If Packers Endured Chiefs' Level Of Injuries, 'It's like Losing Aaron Rodgers, Jermichael Finley, Clay Matthews, Greg Jennings'

The Kansas City Chiefs sit at 5-8 and last place in the AL West. It's been a difficult season through and through and ultimately it cost Todd Haley his job as the head coach. But even the team's upcoming opponent, the Green Bay Packers, can shake their heads at the losses that have mounted up for the Chiefs and wonder how they would do themselves.

The Chiefs have suffered through 2011 without several of their top performers. Whether it's the most dynamic performer on the defense in Eric Berry or their offensive MVP like Jamaal Charles, the Chiefs have been hurting all season. Matt Cassel, Tony Moeaki, Brandon Siler are all names of guys done for the season -- guys the Chiefs were counting on.

"You lose your top tight end, your top running back, your quarterback, your all-pro safety, that's like the Packers losing Aaron Rodgers, Jermichael Finley, Greg Jennings, Clay Matthews," says Wayne Larivee, the Voice of the Packers on 620 WTMJ, on "Wisconsin's Morning News."

"No one has the depth to overcome the kind of losses the Chiefs have had.  This is also a program that has not developed the kind of depth the Packers have right now."

Every team certainly endures their share of injuries to overcome in a given season, and Clark Hunt made a point of that in his press conference about firing Haley. But when it comes to the Chiefs, they've endured particularly horrific injuries this year, and that alone makes you believe next year has to be better.